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Leaks, substandard workmanship and adverse weather-related conditions are three common causes for needed roof repairs. Sometimes the need for repair is obvious, while other times the conditions may be hidden.

Do you need a roof repair for any of these reasons? Here is an overview of each, and the damage that could be caused by leaving the condition unattended.

Leaks: According to experts, the overwhelming majority of all roof leaks are due to improper installation. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that many roof leaks are not obvious. They can get progressively worse over time, sometimes going unnoticed for several years, before the damage becomes visible and demands immediate attention.

Slow leaks that go undetected for long periods of time can cause the potentially dangerous growth of mold, mildew, structural damage and in the most severe cases, a collapse of the roof itself.

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The conditions listed above are just some of the causes that can make roof repair necessary. Others include improperly designed roofs, the use of faulty materials during construction, and leaky skylights. Weekend warrior homeowners or other untrained individuals can make the problems much worse, leading to further roof damage.

At Overhead Roofing, our professional, experienced roofing contractors are well aware of all these causes that make roof repair necessary. We’ve been serving the Greater Cincinnati roofing market since 1994, so we’ve seen all kinds of problems, both big and small. Our professionally trained, skilled contractors are well equipped to inspect your roof, identify any current or potential problems, and then recommend either repair or replacement.

Weather-Related Causes

Roofs are continuously exposed to the elements 24/7. Over time, the materials that roofs are constructed with become worn and damaged from extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, ice, snow, hail and a mixture of debris.

Clogged gutters, loose or missing shingles and slow leaks can all occur as a result of this aging and wear and tear of your roof. Routine maintenance and periodic roof inspections can identify minor situations before they become major, expensive problems.

Substandard Workmanship

Improperly installed roofs are more common than homeowners think. Roofs should only be installed by skilled, knowledgeable, trained contractors with years of professional hands-on experience.

One of the most widespread problems is the incorrect installation of shingles. Improperly installed shingles can lead to more widespread, expensive repairs such as those caused by water damage and foundation erosion.