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SOLID CORE SIDING ® offers a complete exterior siding system combining superior energy efficiency with durable, long-lasting beauty. Its a tough Vycralar™ surface is bonded with SOLID CORE™ backing, creating a product with unmatched bridge strength, superior R-Values and air infiltration ratings, and guaranteed impact resistance. These exceptional qualities allow SOLID CORE SIDING to be backed by the industry’s only No-Nonsense Life of the Home Warranty.

The Manufacturer warrants to the homeowner that SOLID CORE SIDING will not peel, blister, pit, flake or corrode as a result of manufacturing defects or as a result of exposure to ocean air (salt spray). Unlike conventional veneer-type sidings, which are warranted only to the initial homeowner, SOLID CORE SIDING is warranted for the lifetime of the house — the period for which the structural integrity of the house remains intact.

In order to transfer the warranty, the new homeowner can simply return a transfer card within 30 days of the transfer of ownership of the house.

In the case of “commercial” installations — such as apartment buildings, condominiums, etc. — the period of warranty coverage shall be 60 years.

Vinyl siding is a popular choice to meet the extremes of all weather conditions. Homeowners welcome the low maintenance. Unlike wood, it needs minimal maintenance and no painting. Plus, vinyl siding adds value to your home, while protecting your investment.

Life of the Home Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that SOLID CORE SIDING will weather in a uniform manner and that weathering changes will not occur on a specific wall exposure in a manner that varies from panel to panel (checkerboard effect).

For the lifetime the original homeowner owns and lives in the home, SOLID CORE SIDING is warranted not to change color in excess of 4 standard industry color units as determined by the manufacturer.

Our tests have demonstrated that SOLID CORE SIDING is 300% more resistant to cracking than conventional hollow-backed sidings. Should SOLID CORE SIDING panels crack for reasons associated with normal home ownership (for example, hail damage), the manufacturer will replace all damaged panels, including the cost of material and labor, which exceeds the amount covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Proof of submission and resolution from the homeowner’s insurance company (and promptly following the warranty procedure below) are required before final settlement of the claim.

Our SOLID CORE SIDING panels are produced with an exclusive Vycralar™ formulation featuring treated Ti02, and are warranted not to chalk in an offensive manner that could cause discoloration of trim areas.

Bonding technology ensures the structural integrity of our SOLID CORE SIDING panels. Therefore, our panels will not separate so as to negatively affect the performance of the product.

Our tests have demonstrated that SOLID CORE SIDING will withstand the equivalent of 130 mph winds, without damage, when installed correctly. If winds up to 130 mph cause a panel to separate from the structure, the manufacturer will replace any damaged panels – including the cost of material and labor.

Our SOLID CORE SIDING has been tested extensively by us in freeze, thaw and heat cycles to ensure proper panel performance. Therefore, when properly installed, should SOLID CORE SIDING panels buckle for reasons associated with expansion or contraction, the manufacturer will replace the damaged product – including the cost of material and labor.

All expanded polystyrene material used in the production of SOLID CORE SIDING has been tested to a Perm Rating of 5. The product will breathe and is warranted not to retain moisture.